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The Resurrection Cross --

What is it?  What are the symbols?

A special "glory cross" to display during the Easter season
-- something much more than chocolate bunnies and colored eggs!

Why?  What's the purpose?

1. Glorify God by exalting His Son.                    MORE
2. Publicly proclaim our faith in Jesus Christ.
3. Stimulate a revival of Christian faith in our nation.
4. Establish a new Easter tradition that is clearly Christian.

What is it made of?

Christ with cross

Different sizes of Ponderosa Pine and Poplar wood; red, yellow, & blue enamel paint;
a bolt & wing nut; heavy duty monofilament string; and 4 big galvinized nails.

Is it easy to put up?

Absolutely -- and it will withstand 50 mph winds! All you need is a hammer to drive the
big nails into the ground (they are used as stakes for the tough monofilament string).

How can I get one?

First decide which version you want --
Cross Construction and Obtain Your Cross.

Show me some pictures!

Okay, check out the Picture Gallery!

Cross at water

How can I encourage others?

Glad you asked!  Your interest and enthusiasm can make a big difference.  We have
several ideas, including a sample e-mail letter that you can use to send to others!

Tell me more -- what about Ministry for Christ?

Click here for some background info and material about Ministry for Christ!

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