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Cross Construction --

The Resurrection Cross by Ministry for Christ comes in two models: Standard and Deluxe. The standard model is 24" x 36" and is made of 3/8" x 3" Ponderosa Pine. The deluxe model is 36" x 48" and is made of 1/2" x 4" Poplar or Aspen.

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Resurrection Cross

Standard (3 feet x 2 feet)

Resurrection Cross

Deluxe (4 feet x 3 feet)

Man Praying

The wood is painted with primer and yellow gloss enamel. The letters and symbols are painted onto the crosses in bright colors as illustrated, and will provide decades of service.

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The components of the cross consist of the following, in addition to assembly instructions:

  • Two brightly painted, wooden boards; one for the cross beam and one for the upright.
  • Special bolt with wing nut.
  • Heavy duty monofilament strings which are looped at the ends.
  • Four 8 inch galvanized nails used as stakes.
Resurrection Cross parts

The cross is easy to assemble and store, as the cross beam is fastened with just one special bolt. It is securely held upright by very strong and nearly invisible monofilament lines and four large 8" "rust proof" nails (used as stakes) which are provided -- along with complete instructions.

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