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A glorious recognition that He is risen!

A wonderful Easter decoration!

A beautiful statement of faith!


Surely Easter is more than eggs and bunny rabbits!

Bunny with egg
Encourage others

E n c o u r a g e   O t h e r s
Encourage others to join this great new Easter tradition!  Tell as many as you can!  Copy the following e-mail message and forward to as many others as possible!

Make this the subject of your e-mail message:

Copy the following and paste it into an e-mail message and send it to your friends.

Easter Season Greetings!
-- Please Forward --

Dear Friends,

As heard on Christian radio WAVA and Janet Parshall's America --

Join with me and other Christians and DISPLAY the "He is Risen" RESURRECTION CROSS during the Easter season.   Judge Roy Moore (known for displaying the Ten Commandments in his courtroom) has two of them!

Together we will establish a great new Easter tradition!

Please QUICKLY visit the Ministry for Christ web site to get your Resurrection Cross and all the details.

Go to http://www.MinistryForChrist.org

Let's give Easter the proper recognition of its real meaning, and truly make a difference!

Please FORWARD this to as many friends and acquaintances as possible. We CAN make a difference!!!

But please hurry, so all can get their Resurrection Cross in time!

By joining together now, next year could be absolutely amazing!! God bless you, and enjoy a glorious Easter!

Let's display these crosses everywhere across the USA

When you get yours, take a picture and send it to us for inclusion in our photo gallery!

Resurrection Cross
alpha omega
blood drops

OBTAIN YOUR CROSS !  Get one for a friend!  Get one for your church!  Tell others!  Join together in this great Easter tradition!